On Saturday 18th August we headed to London town, and to a venue we’d never visited before, XOYO in Shoreditch, to witness a 16 piece orchestra perform Daft Punk’s greatest hits.

Our journey to XOYO wasn’t a simple one, and included planes, trains and automobiles (Uber). Starting very early on Saturday morning in Ibiza, one half of team Uneek (myslef) flew from Ibiza to Stanstead, and then headed to our hotel in Barking (the next day we were headed to Elrow Town festival at the Olympic Park and so seemed a close hotel of choice). It was a long day of travelling. Mark was not far behind me, having flew from Ibiza (he missed his initial flight!) and opted for a slightly later exit out of the White Isle to Gatwick. So after a day of travelling for us both, on top of 3 big days/nights in Ibiza at various events, it would of been fair for us to have a quiet evening prior to Elrow Town the next day. But we’d been looking forward to this gig for a while, and powered our way through to central London (thanks to Uber! What a brilliant invention by the way, that really saved the day on a few occasions in London for us – if you’ve never used, then it is really ideal, especially in a metropolis like London. Half the price of a standard cab, and is with you within minutes).

So, we found ourselves tired and travelled as we reached our destination, the brilliant XOYO venue bang in the city of London, the ultra cool Shoreditch area. We arrived just as the half time interval was taking place, and chatted to people in the smoking outside area who all had beaming smiles on their faces at what they had just witnessed, the first half performance.

We all headed inside to catch the second half, and on a hot August evening, in a packed sweaty basement room, we witnessed a brilliant gig, that worked really well. Daft Punk’s fusion of house music with funk, techno, disco, rock music and synthpop influences won them critical aclaim across music genres and established them as one of the most successful bands of our time. To celebrate 20 years since Daft Punk’s seminal album ‘Homework’, Re:imagine brought a very special re-imaginging of their greatest hits with full 16-piece orchestra and immersive production. This included a 16-piece orchestra, a bespoke light show, special projections and visuals, complete with a unique orchestral music score.


The second half performance, which we witnessed, was fantastic and included Daft Punk’s biggest anthems. It was a brilliant atmosphere, on a hot mid August’s night in central London, and as we wandered off into the Shoreditch summer evening air, singing “One More Time”, whilst looking upwards in awe at some of London’s finest buildings we reflected on an awesome event and performance.

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