Written by Mark Playle

It was Friday the 13th of July, 2 weeks on from Radio 2’s invasion of Children of the 80’s and we were still on the island. I found myself in the company of 2 beautiful souls from Essex who had travelled to Ibiza for the first time and it was to be their last day before heading back to the U.K. Undeterred by superstition I suggested I would hire a car and show them some of the island which indeed I did and we went off to Es Vedra and a fleeting visit to a few of the beautiful beaches around that part of the island.

After our mini road trip we parted company temporarily for a disco nap and freshen up and then we re-convened. We headed from San Antonio over to Bossa & Children Of The 80’s.

This instalment was as fantastic as ever with all the usual suspects and an amazing vibe. It was very uplifting being able to spread the word and Children Of The 80’s magic. Barbara Tucker was head lining and right at the end of the evening Barbara invited our good friend Holly Reed up on to the stage to join in performing the closing numbers. It had been Holly’s dream to perform at Children Of The 80’s from when we first attended the first shows a couple of years back. It’s always good to see someone’s dream come true and it was certainly a brilliant performance by all concerned and indeed another amazing evening.

Looking forward to more Children Of The 80’s throughout the rest of the summer. For further details of up and coming Children Of The 80’s see the link & do note that not all performances are in Ibiza.


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