Written by Chloe Roberts

What a way to kick of my first trip to Ibiza. As I arrived by taxi from San Antonio Bay and made my way through security I could already sense it was going to be a good day. The sun was still shining, the planes overhead and ‘The Him’ was getting the crowd going with feel good sing along tracks with a heavy tech house twist.

Next up was Lost Frequency. The crowd went mental as Lost Frequencies dropped One More Time by Daft Punk’, and he kept everyone on a high until Martin Garrix came on set. Once on set Garrix kept every single person on the biggest high with a mixture of old vs new tracks.


Everyone understands the language of music and we were communicating with each other through dance. The crowd was a huge happy mass swaying together to the beat, we were all on the same wave length having been transported there by the maestro Garrix.

All in all an absolutely epic night and I am looking forward to visiting Ushuaïa again.

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