Having attended Creamfields for 4 years previously, the highlight for me for the past 2 years has been the introduction of the massive Steelyard structure. Eric Prydz has hosted his Pryda platform in it, and it was as if the Steelyard was built specifically for Prydz and his show. This year he brought his HOLO show to the Steelyard and it certainly didn’t disappoint.

We headed from my house not far from the Creamfields venue in Daresbury in Cheshire on a wet and muddy Sunday evening by Taxi. Having sorted our press passes, we headed on site and quickly checked out the festival. We love Creamfields, and have partied in all of it’s tents and stages over the past 4 previous years, but tonight there was one show we had come to see, and that was Eric Prydz’s HOLO show in the Steelyard.

Incredible, superb, phenomenal are just a few of the words to describe Eric Prydz’s HOLO show at Creamfields. Everything worked perfectly and seamlessly; the tracks, the music, the progression of the set, the visuals on stage. Absolutely brilliant, and one of, if not the best show we have ever seen at an event. It felt like a real pleasure and privilege to be in the crowd tonight.

A tweet we seen the next day summed up our thoughts exactly;


Prydz built his set well with the likes of Pryda tracks Welcome To My House, Viro and Rebel XX, as well as Adam Beyer & Bart Skils – Your Mind. He then took things up a notch mid set as he sent the Steelyard into raptures when he dropped the excellent and energetic Cirez D vs. Adam Beyer – On Off vs. What You Need (Eric Prydz Mashup). Towards the end of the set he took things into overdrive in the final half an hour, dropping his well known anthems EveryDay, Pjanoo and Generate, before ending on an incredible crescendo with the massive Opus. All of these tracks built and worked well against a backdrop of impressive 3D and hologram images, lasers and lights, the highlight of which being a Swedish spaceman.

Check out the videos and photos below;





All in all, Eric Prydz has set the standard going forward for brilliant aural and visual shows with his HOLO offering. We’re not quite sure how anyone, or indeed he himself can better this, but we look forward to seeing if it’s indeed possible!

We had a great Sunday evening at Creamfields, it is quite simply an unrivaled line up of electronic artists anywhere in the world. Get yourself there in 2019!


Sign up for tickets now at https://www.creamfields.com

Some kind individual actually recorded Eric’s whole set from Creamfields 2018, it can be found on Youtube here;

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