Written by Mark Playle

As one of Uneek Ibiza’s roving reporters I was pleased and very excited to be invited to an intimate meet and greet with Paris Hilton for the launch of her Foam & Diamonds parties at Amnesia. I remember when the event first came to Ibiza the buzz and interest of the whole concept was immense and it is certainly a very different event from the normal super club night on the island.

From the beginning I absolutely loved the whole concept and applaud Paris for her very different and indeed unique idea for a party in Ibiza such an enormous amount of fun. The meet and greet was on the rooftop of Amnesia’s gift shop – a perfect spot with 365 degree views of the club and site. The whole roof area was beautifully stage set with flowers and lights and strategically placed seating giving a real “oasis and island in the middle of nowhere” feel. Indeed a great idea and perfect location for such an event. We were treated to the most lavish spread of canopies, finger food and mouth watering treats in keeping with the foam and diamonds vibe. I understand a local caterers from Ibiza town prepared the spread and it was first class. We were also spoiled with a array of drinks including a signature cocktail mix of vodka and strawberry with many other secret ingredients an absolute mouth gasam.

Right on time Paris made a very smooth entrance and was dropped at the red carpet in front of the crowd of photographers and journalists looking incredibly chilled and pleased to meet and greet everyone. I smiled as she appeared to be snap chatting and collecting as many pics and selfies as the rest of us. Once on the roof and under the lights of the roof terrace you could see her beautiful gold dress and immaculate hair accessories and make up. She spoke with TV reporters, music and other magazine journalists and posed with everyone for photos and selfies and there was much love and a good vibe in the air.

She made time for everyone and it certainly was as described a very intimate meet and greet and I for one was very happy to have finally met one of my heroines in life. Loving life, loving Paris Hilton, loving Foam & Diamonds and very much loving the ” at the oscars style”  goodie bag gifted at the end laden with Paris treats gifts.

Paris Hilton’s Foam & Diamons party runs Saturdays @ Amnesia through summer 2016.


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