A cold early December evening, and we’re in Manchester to head to the new Warehouse Project venue to check out Underworld’s new live show. After a pint and bratwurst at Manchester’s brilliant Christmas markets, we made our way to Depot at Mayfield, a disused railway depot abandoned since 1960, which has been transformed into a one of a kind multi-facetted venue. Our first impression of the venue was the surprise at the sheer size of the place, it’s massive and vast, and probably at least twice in size to Warehouse Project’s previous home, Store Street. This is one fantastic venue, in which DJs have been purring over since it’s opening party in September, with Patrick Topping saying it’s one of the best venue’s he’s ever played. It is certainly up there with the UK’s best venue we’ve visited this year, alongside Printworks in London.


Regularly bringing the hottest acts in electronic music to Manchester to brighten up those dark and cold nights throughout the autumn and winter, Warehouse Project have this year brought some of the biggest events and DJs in the world.

Formed 30 years go in Cardiff, Karl Hyde and Rick Smith as Underworld are one of the best live electronic bands of our time. A household name for the their most famous track ‘Born Slippy’ from the classic British film Trainspotting, the lads have been touring for 25 years, and based on tonight’s performance in Manchester, still have lots of energy left from those early years.

Tonight was a brilliant gig, with incredible energy on stage. The crowd loved it and lapped up every track, the highlights being Rez, Cowgirl, King Of Snake, and, of course, Born Slippy.


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