Written by Mark Playle

We were so pleased to be back at Boutique Hostal Salinas for the second time this season in Ibiza to see our mates Nick Warren and Petra. Boutique Hostal Salinas is an amazing venue giving off a beautiful vibe and atmosphere so perfect for The Soundgarden events. As we meandered across the salt flats to Salinas the sky was rich with beautiful colours from the recently setting sun and the reflections of the moon. There was a warmish end of season breeze blowing and it set the scene perfectly.

The brilliant artwork adorning the buildings and the creatively lit outside bar’s ornamental gardens and seating areas with rockery and cool river crossed by a little “Monet footbridge” was a suburb back drop and set for The Soundgarden. With the music blending and breezing around Salinas the term Soundgarden could not have been more apt. This is a small and intimate party in a lovely setting alongside Nick Warren and friend’s excellent melodic and progressive sets.

Such a beautiful location and colourful event we felt this would be best complimented by our video footage taken on the night here below;

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