Written by Stiv Hey

Hi everyone! I’m Stiv Hey, Techno DJ and Producer born and raised in Milan, Italy.

Almost 6 months ago I made the decision of moving my studio and office to Barcelona, and here I am. This was definitely one of the best decisions of my life. Barcelona is an amazing city to live in, it just feels like the perfect place. There’s very nice food and weather, everyone is smiling, the beach, sun and such a great night life.

In the night hours the city is active as much as in daytime, 24/7, if you want to party you can always find a place to go! And who doesn’t love that energetic way of partying that Spanish crowds have?!

Despite being only here for a short time, I have already spent quite a few hours in Barcelona’s clubs, as any real party addicted raver would do :D. I’m sure I still have some hidden places and parties to discover, but I definitely feel enough prepared to provide a “Basic Underground Clubbing Guide to Barcelona”

As I said, Barcelona is a very active city party-wise. There are a lot of promoters, events, festivals and as well as Sonar, one of the biggest Electronic Music events in the world, happening here once a year in June. Thanks to the sunny weather and the friendly government Barcelona also hosts many open air events (such as Brunch In the Park).

As for clubs, there are so many in Barcelona we can’t mention them all, as we want to keep this guide short and effective. I decided to mention my Top 5. I think these are the places you really cannot miss – iconic venues, clubs with a history.


If you are new in Barcelona and looking for a party, probably City Hall will be the first option you will consider, as it is one of the most famous and easiest to reach (thanks to its position at the top of La Rambla) venue in the city. This club has a unique feeling and its structure generates a strong connection crowd-DJ. I played here twice and both were incredible nightst!

The club has 2 levels, main room and second room. Entering you first find at your left the second room, a cozy dark little room with a nice sound system and small bar. In the downstairs floor there is the Main room, a big space with a powerful bass and dazzling visuals. The crowd is super energetic and students based, the atmosphere is fresh and happy.


Pacha is a very unique beautiful venue located in the Barceloneta area. The atmosphere is elegant and classy, the crowd is really nice and smiley. I have great happy memories from my gigs in this club. Sundays are the techno nights of the club, all the best DJ’s in the world touch down during the year. You definitely need to check it out!


Razzmatazz is a super club in Barcelona, with 5 spaces, located in a huge building. It’s so big you can literally get lost (not joking!) keep changing rooms and kinds of music. 2 rooms are bigger and usually with live acts, the other 3 rooms are smaller and more intimate. It’s one of the most famous clubs of Barcelona internationally, so expect to find a tourist based crowd.


Input is a new club but it already established itself as one of the best clubs in Barcelona.
It’s located at the top of The Montjuic Hill, into the Poble Espanyol complex, a very fascinating area. The dance floor is dark and pretty big, the Function One sound system always guarantees a great feeling of the music. The particularity of the club is the giant lead wall behind the booth, really mind blowing.


Located a bit outside the city, Row 14 is a more Festival-concept kind of club. Row14 It’s the home of Elrow. Nowadays The “Elrow” parties are famous everywhere in the world but in this location they take it to the next level as it’s the place where everything started. Already from the parking you smell the “fiesta” atmosphere. Inside there are 4 rooms, 2 in the outside area and 2 covered. The atmosphere is surreal, it feels like Carnival, confetti and colours everywhere. The animation show is incredible, expect every kind of costume you can imagine! It’s a real party, you enter with a smile and you get out with a 10,000 smiles on your face 🙂



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