We’d already ticked off Rudimental’s gig at Ibiza Rocks this summer as one to review for the site, as we’re a big fan of their tracks and wanted to see them perform live under the Balearic stars of Ibiza Rocks. Rumours were high on the island that Ed Sheeran was going to join them on stage, and as word spread, the crowds gathered and we seen the biggest queue we’ve ever seen descend on the venue in San Antonio.

Rudimental started their set big, with their track Right Here ft. Foxes, before announcing, “5 years ago we were situated right there in the crowd where you guys are now – we’re successful not because of us but because of you- I dedicate this track to you guys right now,” before singing Not Giving In – with its infectious lyrics, melodies and energy, it is an incredible song. Next they sang Free, another brilliant record.

Tonight Rudimental were absolutely buzzing on stage, as were the crowd. Rudimental have worked with some big names including the likes of John Newman and Emeli Sande, but none more so than their special guest tonight. Anticipation in the air was massive for this joint performance, and although Ibiza Rocks never officially announced he was joining them on stage, the buzz around the island was massive and the roof (if there was one!) exploded when Ed Sheeran came on stage to perform their track Bloodstream. It was a great duo performace (please check out the full video on our facebook page at facebook.com/uneekibiza).

There was still time for Rudimental to end on their massive anthems Waiting All Night and Feel The Love. We seem to have said this a few times about gigs at Ibiza Rocks this summer, but this was one special night to be in the audience, a gig that will be remembered for years to come.


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