It was Easter Bank Holiday Weekend 2019 – the hottest on record, and the whole of the UK were in great spirits. We were London bound to visit Printworks for the first time. Myself travelling from Liverpool, and Emil from Cardiff, we met up our hotel in Shoreditch, before wandering out into the busy and bustling London air (people everywhere due to climate change protests!) to fuel ourselves with pizza and beer at Spitalfields Market.

The excitement was in the air as we headed over by tube to Canada Waters and into Printworks. With a line up consisting of Stephan Bodzin, plus the likes of Christian Löffler, Dominic Eulberg and Bookashade plus more, it was a brilliantly constructed line up for fans of melodic techno. We’ve been big fans of Bodzin and Löffler for a while, playing their sets on Cercle several hundreds of times over the past 12 months.

The event and venue certainly didn’t disappoint. A brilliantly run warehouse club with fantastic line ups, great sound, visuals, security, staff and loads of bars. After having a few drinks in the busy outside area, we headed into the club and split our time between both headline sets (Bodzin in the main Press Hall room & and Löffler in the back Dark room), both playing fantastic sets.

We will be back to Printworks later this year and await their line ups, if you haven’t been, then get yourself there, it’s the best UK club we’ve been in for many many years.

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