We love Lucy Rose here at Uneek Ibiza. Her beautiful voice combined with brilliantly written melodic tracks make her one of the current stand out singer songwriters around.

Lucy has been busy since we last seen her perform in Liverpool back in 2015. There’s been a tour of South America (where Lucy played at gigs organised not by promoters or venues, but her fans!) and a new album.

Watch this inspiring short film about her South America tour here;

As for the album, well, it’s full of lovely tracks. Early on in the album is  ‘Strangest Of Ways’, with the brilliant lyric, “I can be yours when I’ve never been mine.”

Perhaps the biggest track on the album is ‘Second Chance’, which includes the excellent vocals;

So lift me up, raise my head high
And take my photograph
And keep it ’til I’m old enough to know
That I was lovely, and I was truthful
If only I could have seen it
If only I could have believed it
Oh, this could be my second chance

‘Love Song’ is a modern day love song, with the chorus;

And if only love was this easy
I’d write a book about every time you kissed me
It was true, true, true love
Oh, and it was real and new and true love
‘Cause you made me believe in the world again
Oh, it was true, true true love
Oh, and it was real and new and true love

Other amazing tracks on the album include ‘Moirai’, the catchy and upbeat ‘No Good At All’, and ‘Find Myself’. It’s easy to get completely lost in Lucy’s voice and lyrics on this album, they’re heavenly. We look forward to seeing Lucy again in Liverpool in November.

To buy Lucy’s new album, click here

To see Lucy live in concert check out her up and coming dates and buy tickets, click here

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