Lucy Rose played Liverpool’s Stanley Theatre as part of her UK tour on Sunday November 12. This intimate and seated gig was the perfect vibe and venue for a Sunday evening chill listening to Lucy’s beautiful voice and tracks. First up was warm up Charlie Cunningham who sung his tracks ‘Breather’ and ‘Blindfold’ and said it was an honour to warm up for Lucy.

When Lucy took to the stage we soon became lost in her angelic voice and music. She sang her tracks ‘Into The Wild’, ‘Love Song’ and ‘Second Chance’.

Between tracks Lucy spoke on the microphone to the crowd, telling stories with humour – about eating chips on the ferry over from Dublin that day, to spotting a guy called Chris on the front row who she recognised from him tweeting her – he had brought his CD for her to listen to which she gladly accepted. She then talked about a twitter poll which she put out to her followers asking if the tour should be standing or seating –  standing won, but she still chose seating!

Next came the likes of her big tracks ‘Our Eyes’, ‘Like An Arrow’, ‘Moirai’, ‘Shiver’ and ‘Find Myself’.

Tonight’s gig was awesome – Lucy’s beautiful voice combined with brilliantly written melodic tracks make her one of the current stand out singer songwriters around. Lucy heads off to America and Australia in 2018 on tour, if you’re in those parts of the world then we definitely recommend checking out one of her shows!

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Check out Lucy’s new single ‘End Up Here’ here below;

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