Ibiza Rocks is one of our favourite outside venues in Ibiza, having had some of the best nights of our lives there the past few years. Brooklyn based LCD Soundsystem were in town for Ibiza Rocks’ birthday part 1 on 6th July.

They played a great set that included the brilliant “Someone Great”, the energetic “Losing My Edge”, the funky “Home”, the slow and beautiful “New York, I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down”, the melodic “Dance Yrself Clean” before ending on the massive “If I Could See All My Friends Tonight.”

They said on the microphone, “we wasn’t sure what to expect tonight and you guys have been fucking great!” Tonight was a great night, and there’ll be more great nights, get to Ibiza Rocks this summer on Wednesdays for your fix of live music on the island.

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