Written by Mark Playle

The first time I saw Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark and Robinson Crusoe on TV in the summer holidays in black and white or even Romancing the Stone in the 80’s in a picture house in Sweden, the urge to ditch the script and randomly go and visit places and do stuff ran just below the surface, be it a part time explorer or adventurer.

Recently life has taken a turn and both my self and my co director of Uneek Andrew found ourselves headed to good old U S of A for the Miami Winter Music Conference.

We started our adventure by initially becoming media partners for the Miami Winter Music Conference and then deciding this trip or adventure needed to turn into more than just a hop across the pond but a bucket list moment. In the January sales we booked flights to New York returning two weeks later from Miami. We just needed to fill in the blanks which will be coming shortly and both riding high from the NYC experience & buzzing off the whole ” life should be set to music vibe ” we just dived into – if it’s live it’s good if it’s good it’s bad.

We booked into the Pennsylvania hotel on 7th Avenue, once the venue for the big dance bands of the 1940’s and home to Glenn Miller and his band famous for the little tune Pennsylvania 65000 ( the phone number you rang to get the gig info ) – a rather substantial establishment just across the road from Madison Square Garden. We then found out that Billy Joel was in town and got ourselves ring side seats for a true New York legend a day or two before St Paddy’s day – I know, lucky boys or what!

So fast forward to the Sunshine State and in a sun shine state of mind we landed in Miami literally full of the tunes of Billy and the gig we played at AV Bushwick club in Brooklyn in our ears and on the road to the hotel we spot a giant billboard for 19th March K C & the Sunshine Band – Holly Wood, Florida.

I cast my mind back to 1983 Top of the Pops and beyond I can think of several songs and I try and sing them to Andrew and thankfully Andrew not totally able to recognise the tunes gets to work asking K C’s team if we can do review for Uneek Ibiza.

We took our seats and the venue was buzzing when the band came on stage there was a kind of magic that filled the air. Being right down at the front I could see and sense the enjoyment of the whole moment, everyone on stage was completely in tune with the the songs and the whole performance was timed perfect. KC And The Sunshine band were on great form, performing some new tracks, as well as loads of their classics, like Shake Your Booty, Give It Up, Please Don’t Go, That’s The Way (I Like It) and Get Down Tonight.

I was able to grab some really cool action photos of the band, dancers and singers – they were all having an amazing time as were we. Not long into the set I was chatting to some adorable ladies in the audience who are K C’s family and they equally were so enthusiastic about the evenings entertainment. I’m a great believer that nothing is a coincidence and love social media and it turns out that one of K C ‘s family only lived in my home town some 16 years ago and we both know the same guy who used to run the green grocers store there.

Please enjoy the photos and videos we took showing a true legend in full swing and please click through to the KC website and see future dates and events and ultimately click on these rather amazing timeless classic dance tunes!

For KC – The Founder Of The Dance Revolution

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