The buzz around the island for 21/07/15 Carl Cox Music Is Revolution The Next Phase was massive, it seemed like half of the island was going to be there from reading the posts on facebook and twitter through the day. People were scrambling for tickets and guest list here, there and everywhere, the big man’s appeal showing no signs of slowing down.

Carl Cox could fill a club on his own but add in the massive guests in the form of Marco Carola and Alan Fitzpatrick amongst others and you have a very busy Space. The atmosphere for this night was brilliant, it felt really special to be there.

We loved Alan Fitzpatrick’s set on the Covered Terrace, who set the tone early on with an acapella of the classic Keep On Rising! He played a superb set and absolutely laid down the law.

Across in the Discoteca after Carola had smashed it, Carl Cox was banging out some driving tracks, whilst wearing a tshirt that said ‘Vibes’, which fitted the night perfectly, a great vibe, crowd, music and atmosphere!

All DJs played techno of the finest order. Complete with some lovely melodies and plenty of energy the crowd loved it, be sure to join the Revolution when you’re next in Ibiza!

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