His most recent single ‘Mayday’ has received support from names including Hardwell and Afrojack, whilst also topping the Beatport progressive house chart at #1! Adding to that, he’s played festival and concert hall-sized crowds and will be heading back out to Ibiza for a residency this Summer. We talk to rising vocalist/DJ Harrison about his career to date and Ibiza!

Harrison, good to speak to you, how are you?

I’m doing great! Took a getaway trip from rainy England and am now currently in  Mallorca, in Spain!

Nice! Tell us a bit about yourself, your style and musical influences.

I’m 22, my musical influences have very much been from a rock inspired background but have mixed into creating top lines for dance music. I’m very inspired by Eminem as well.

You’re still young and at an early age in your career, yet have worked with some pretty major names in the dance music scene, that must be pretty cool? What has been your favourite project to work on so far?

It has been a real honour to have so many amazing opportunities and I am very grateful for this. I would say all were a very different experience but the coolest must have been my collaboration with Hardwell – it was also a bit stressful as we were on a tight deadline working together but it all went as planned in the end!

Good stuff! You’ve had gigs in the UK including Cream recently, how have they been going?

They have been going well! I’m finding it harder to get the crowd going properly, especially in England since the scene is very caught up in deep house now, but that won’t stop me  from performing my electro music which the fans still love. I’m also getting ready to play London’s Ministry of Sound in May, which will definitely be cool!

Hope it goes well for you! Tell us about the first time you went to Ibiza…

It was a very good experience to just watch and learn and to see how things worked, as when you enter any new country or island you are very interested in what it has to offer.

What do you like about the island?

It’s all very music orientated out in Ibiza and that’s where it is all happening! Like being there in the summer, you are in and amongst the action all the time – it’s just a great vibe!

Certainly is! How different is DJing in Ibiza compared to elsewhere?

Ibiza has so much energy, like the crowd is ALWAYS pumped which pumps me up to perform and interact on a whole new level.

Brilliant! Can we expect to see on the island in 2015?

Yes, be prepared for some Harrison shows on the island this summer – all very special but I can’t announce quite what just yet!

See you there! Thanks Harrison!

Cheers guys!

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