Jeremy, we love your tracks here at Uneek Ibiza. What got you started with producing electronic music?

Thank you!

Growing up, I wasn’t really into dance music at all. But then a couple friends of mine got into production and I was really fascinated by what you could create using a set of headphones and a laptop and before I knew it I was stuck. This was about 10 years ago.

What tips would you give to up and coming producers and DJs?

I get this question a lot and the most important thing is to make music you enjoy and that you have fun making it. I’ve gotten the feeling that people look a little too much at what others that are seeing success do and just copy their style. There’s a lot of stuff out there that sounds the same. It’s a difference between finding inspiration somewhere and turning it into your own thing and blatantly ripping someone off.

What’s your 3 biggest tracks doing it for you in your sets at the moment?

Jeremy Olander – Jackie

Henry Saiz Feat. Eloy – It’s Not Over (Joel Mull Resmoosh Mix)

Pryda – Axis

What new material can we expect from you soon?

I have new EP due out soon. What I can say is that it’s going to consist of three tracks. I’ve been very careful in selecting the records and I feel like it brings something for every palette that like what I do. What label it’s dropping on and the names of the tracks will be a surprise for now. It’ll be previewed very soon though so stay tuned!

It’s been a busy summer for you, what have been your highlights so far?

This summer has been my best without a doubt! Pretty much every single show has been sold out or close. Three highlights that spring to mind is the Sunday School Stage at Mysteryland USA, the first gig on my India tour in Mumbai and pretty much all the stops during my US tour in June.

You’ve got up and coming appearances at Cream Ibiza and Creamfields in the UK, what can we expect from these sets?

Yes, and I can’t wait! Playing Cream twice this year. First on August 28th with Deadmau5 and then on September 4th with Nero. It’s my third time doing the Pryda Arena at Creamfields and it’s stacked this year with really cool, diverse acts that complement each other sound-wise. There’s Richard Knott, Dense & Pika, Maceo Plex, George Fitzgerald, Eric and me. On the 28th at Cream I’m playing the slot just before Deadmau5 and at Creamfields I’ll be closing the arena after Eric so people that will be able to catch me at both shows can expect two pretty different sets. I’m comfortable playing both type of slots and like that they present very different challenges.

When did you first play in Ibiza? What were your initial thoughts of the island?

I went once before going over there to play. It was everything I expected and wanted it to be, and then some. Just as magical as everyone said it was. My first show was at Amnesia on a Tuesday in 2011, I think. I played the very first slot and remember being nervous as hell. As soon as pressed play on the first record I was fine though.

What is it you love about DJing in Ibiza – how is it different to other clubs around the world?

It’s the holy grail. The mecca of dance music. The crowds that I’ve played for there have been really savvy, which to me means they understand and appreciate a DJ set in terms of building an atmosphere and tension. Also, it’s a summer destination and when you go on vacation you tend to be more uninhibited. That makes for a great party.

What do you like to do in Ibiza besides DJing? Do you have any special places for our readers to check out?

The restaurant Sa Capella is pretty insane. It’s housed in a 400-year-old monastery chapel close to San Antonio. Highly recommend it!

We will check it out! And finally, what other DJ/producers should we be checking out?

Joel Mull always does it for me. He’s extremely consistent.

Thanks for your time Jeremy, enjoy Ibiza!

Thanks for having me!

Jeremy Olander will be playing at Cream Amnesia this summer to buy your tickets follow this link – he will also be making an appearence at Creamfields which is close to sell out you can buy final tickets here –

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