image001Name: Tiernan O’Neill

From: Derry, Ireland

Who are you working for?

I’ve worked as a PR to promote various club nights.

Cool! How many seasons have you been coming to Ibiza?

I’ve been coming to Ibiza for 11 years. This is my third season working in Ibiza, I worked here in 2009 and last year also.

Good stuff. What is different compared to previous years?

Many things have changed, good and bad. There are less people on the island, but the clubs are as packed as ever. New additions such as Ushuaia have persuaded more British & Irish holidaymakers to stay in Playa Den Bossa, and I think San Antonio is definitely feeling this loss. Hopefully it forces San Antonio to become more cosmopolitan.

What is it like to work on the island? Give us an average day of a worker in Ibiza.

On average I work 6-13 hours a day. I usually get up around midday, start work at 2pm, then have a break at 5pm. I usually return to work at 8pm and depending on the night finish between 11pm or 3am. After work I’ll maybe go to a club, have a beer with mates or go home and chill out.

Working on the island is good fun but it is not for the faint hearted. You have to have a tough skin, good work ethic and endless drive.

Do you have any tip to others wanting to work here next summer?

Just get out here, don’t talk about coming out here, just do it. If people see you have a talent or good personality, you’ll get a job. Pace yourself when it comes to clubbing, eat healthy and take care of yourself. Don’t deal drugs! Be prepared to work hard. Be respectful of the locals also. Most Spanish people are quite friendly and open minded, but if you treat their island badly understandably they’re going to be pissed off.

Do you have any tips for general holiday makers/clubbers in Ibiza?

I’d recommend hiring a car and seeing Es Vedra. Ibiza old town is beautiful at night so that’s definitely worth a visit. Obviously check out a few of the big clubs. I’d also advise holidaymakers not to spend their entire time in the West-End and look at the bigger picture and experience some of the cooler aspects of the island.

Definitely! How do you think Ibiza has evolved over the years?

It has changed massively in the ten years I’ve been coming here. Musically things are quite different – many styles of music and DJs have come and gone. Playa Den Bossa was pretty undeveloped back in 2003 but now there’s an array of cool bars, eateries, beach clubs etc. I also think there is a lot more competition on the island with multiple promotions going up against one another on a nightly basis. In a way, this competition is better for the average punter because clubs are forced to drop their prices and offer more incentives to get people in the clubs.

Agreed! What do you feel is different on the island this year specifically, compared to previous years?

The whole deep house trend has had an impact, definitely in San Antonio, with all the younger hipsters wearing top knots, ray ban sunglasses and tie dye t-shirts. Deep House in itself isn’t a new style of music and I find it quite humorous how some DJs who used to play more commercial stuff have decided to become uber-cool all of a sudden. That being said there are always shifts in trends over here…who knows maybe trance will become cool again. Again I will also reiterate the incremental shift of commerce and clubbing towards Playa Den Bossa and the Ibiza town area and away from San Antonio. However, the bohemian, party ethos of Ibiza never changes, nor does the tranquil areas of the island.

What’s your favourite event on the island?

Two of my favourite events are Cocoon and A State Of Trance. Both nights are very different but similar in the sense that they are parties that aren’t cliquey, but are about the music and spectacle. Some of Armin Van Buuren’s sets at ASOT are incredible. Sven Vath’s sets at Cocoon are a lesson in the art of DJing.

Do you attend any of the workers parties?

To be honest I really don’t go to any workers parties or bars. If I’m going out for a drink with friends I’d much prefer to go to a low-key Spanish bar or somewhere in San Antonio Bay or Ibiza Town. When I want to have a full on party I’ll go to a big club.

What is it about Ibiza you love? What made you fall in love with the island?

What made me fall in love with Ibiza was the general ethos of the island – the parties, the laid back way of life, the history, music, culture, beautiful scenery and all the special memories from each year.

I second that! Thanks for your time Tiernan!

Cheers man, you too.


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