Ocean Beach Club Ibiza 2014 worker Danielle Murphy gives us her tips on working on the island, plus her favourite Ibiza moments.

Hi Danielle, how are ya? Please introduce yourself, and tell us about what you do at Ocean Beach Club in Ibiza.

Hey, I’m good thanks! I hate introducing myself but here goes … I’m Danielle, 20, Essex born and Welsh bred, ridiculously blonde and I love Ibiza. Not sure what else you want to know but I’m the only girl in Ibiza that wears heels to Sankeys! Haha. I was a VIP waitress at Ocean Beach Club for the 2014 season.

Haha. Tell us about the parties Ocean Beach offered this past summer.

Ocean Beach had a full party calendar from May to October.  We had our regular events throughout the summer, for example Hed Kandi Mondays, Ibiza Sensations on Tuesdays  and our crazy pool party on Fridays but there were also a host of special events like Champagne Spray and Sin Sundays throughout the season too!

Good stuff. It seemed like everyday in the press we seen a different celebrity at Ocean Beach, who have you had in this past summer?

Just too many to mention in all honesty, but if there is a celebrity in Ibiza, then you can guarantee they will make a visit to Ocean Beach. Some of our lovely guests this year included (in no particular order) Denise van Outen, Jack Whitehall, Rory McIlroy, Antony Cotton, Busted, McFly, Blue, Mark Wright, Michelle Keegan, Russell Kane, Louis Smith, Stacey Solomon, Lisa Snowdon, Sarah Harding , Linda Robson, loads of professional footballers and managers, the British Lions rugby players and many others. The cast of TOWIE , Geordie Shore , Calum Best and Charlie Brooks were our regular guests throughout the season !

Phew, that’s some list! It seems Ibiza is indeed the summer destination of choice for many a celeb. How about yourself – when did you first visit Ibiza? What were your first impressions of the island?

My first visit was in 2012, the year Ocean Beach opened! I fell in love with the place immediately! I returned in 2013 and visited the island 4 times throughout the summer, that’s when I decided that I wanted to work in Ibiza this year and never leave!

What is it about Ibiza you love?

Well I love the music scene and partying in the biggest clubs with the world’s best DJs for a start, but Ibiza offers so much more than that too! There are some amazing beaches throughout the island, some of the best restaurants I’ve ever eaten in, the beautiful Ibiza Town, unbelievable sunsets and of course the sunshine! Not forgetting one of the best beach clubs! 😉 Haha!

You’ve just summed up why Ibiza means so much to so many people! So as this was your first season working, can you give us an average day in the life of an Ibiza worker?

Ibiza workers can be anything from DJs in the top clubs to the lucky lucky men selling their RayBans, each worker obviously has a different type of day.

My average day at Ocean Beach begins at 12pm, although I sometimes start at 10am to set up for the day or started at 2pm and I’m there until closing! As a VIP waitress we are assigned individual beds and are advised of our guests who will be visiting that day! It might be a hen party from Glasgow or a celebrity. It is my job to then ensure our guests receive a first class customer service and all their needs and expectations are met. I take their food and drink orders and make sure they have an amazing time with us. I can work 6 days a week at the height of the season,  and each day is incredibly busy! You need plenty of stamina and a smile, as we can often work 10/11 hour days. I have absolutely loved working there this past summer and definitely the best job – working in the sunshine all day, with amazing music in a constant party atmosphere! Lucky me!

Sounds like you had a great time! Do you have any advice for people wanting to work a summer in Ibiza?

Be prepared and be there for the start of the season if possible.  I sorted my accommodation and work before I left the UK. However that does not mean you can’t land in Ibiza without accommodation or a job, and there are jobs available throughout the season too. Being there early helps as it is obviously when the most jobs are available. Make sure you have plenty of copies of up to date CVs (attach a photograph if possible) and sort out the dreaded NIE number! Lots of employers need a NIE number before you are able to work. Sign up to all Ibiza worker social media sites on FB and Twitter etc or any advising on accommodation and work, especially if you want to share accommodation. Do not hesitate to add people who you can see have worked/going to work in Ibiza and chat to them too. Most are friendly and helpful and can give you lots of information.

Have access to funds for the first couple of weeks at least, you will be required to pay bonds and rent upfront and some jobs pay at the end of the first month worked, so you will need money for living expenses.

Finally do not be afraid to take the risk! It has been the best summer ever for me, I have met the most amazing people, partied throughout the summer and had the time of my life! I landed on the island at the very beginning and stayed until the bitter end! I came on my own and ended up with a new “Ibiza family” of hundreds! Please feel free to add me on Facebook Danielle Murphy or twitter @DanielleM__x if you need any help!

Great advice Danielle! What’s been your favourite tunes of Ibiza 2014?

I can’t begin to name them all! There has been a few this summer but I’m a pretty commercial type of girl haha! Dom Townsend and Nick Holmes at Plastik hate me! I don’t ask for Irish folk songs but I do like the floor fillers and the more commercial tunes! I will leave the very deep house music to the experts! Note to any new worker… Do not ask for a Guetta track in Plastik! Haha!

Noted! What’s your favourite event/club and why?

Too many good nights!!! Radio 1 weekend will always be a favourite of mine. I loved the events at Ushuaii this year , DC10 closing was unreal with Marco Carola, Fat Boy Slim at Mambos, Flower Power at Pacha, Music on at Amnesia, Space 25 years anniversary, I will bore you if I carry on! 😉 That’s the beauty of working there you do not miss out!

I equally enjoyed the best nights in the bars as well as the clubs too. You do not need to head to the big clubs to enjoy the Ibiza vibe. Good music is played throughout the bars with some class DJs and a brilliant party atmosphere! Linekers, Plastik, Hush, Mambo, Itaca, Play 2 and Viva to name a few! Ibiza Rocks and the craziness of Pikes Hotel was also favourite nights of mine. Then there was obviously Bora Bora and Jet in Playa D’en Bossa. I need to stop now!

And finally, what’s been your craziest day/night out of Ibiza 2014 – and details!

That would be telling… what goes on in Ibiza stays in Ibiza 😉 Haha!

Haha, fair enough! Thanks for your time Danielle.

Pleasure, thanks!

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