We talk to Kirstin Keegan about her DJ career thus far, and all things Ibiza!

Hi Kirstin! Tell us a little about you as a DJ – what style do you play, and what events/venues do you play in Ibiza?

I first started DJing in my hometown Dublin in January 2011 playing old skool dance classics. I packed up my decks early May that year and went to Ibiza to do my first summer season and have been coming to Ibiza every year since. My first DJ residency was Ultraviolet at Play2 in 2013. The following year 2014 I held a DJ residency in Attic, formaly known as Bar VIP in San Antonio. This past summer I have held two DJ residencies – one at Murphy’s Ibiza and another at Jet Apartments, both in Playa Den Bossa.

My style of music varies from all genres of house, deep, funky and vocal to tech house and of course techno too.

I play in Murphy’s on their terrace and in their downstairs club and play at Jet Apartments daily pool parties which start at 12pm and can go on as late as midnight on Sundays. Other events and venues I played this summer included Sankeys for Craft Underground at Magna Carta and Cuff on a number of occasions, Eden Garden for Judgement Fridays pre party, Savannahs on the sunset strip for Magna Carta at Sankeys closing party hosted by Take, Viva for (Detroit, Craft Underground, Influence & Kinkyfunk) to name a few.

Wow, you’ve had a busy summer! When was the first time you visited Ibiza?

I first came to Ibiza for a two week holiday in 2010, fell in love with it and came back the following year to do my first summer season.

What is it about Ibiza you love? What made you fall in love with the island?

Firstly I love my job over here, there isn’t a day that I wake up and dread going to work. I love the music, especially this year. I love the superclubs here, for me there is no better place on the planet to party than on an Ibiza dancefloor. Over the years i have done a lot of exploring on the island and I fell in love with its beautiful beaches, views, sunsets and sunrises. I love the feeling of freedom here and I’ve met some of the most amazing friends for life over the years. Coming back every year and seeing everybodies face again makes Ibiza a second home for me.

We second that! What’s your favourite part of the island?

My favourite part of the island would definitely be Es Vedra, I am obsessed with that rock in the sea. Watching the sunset disappear into the water is just magic.

It’s an amazing sunset location! What are some of your favourite Ibiza tunes of all time?

Some of my favourite Ibiza tracks of all time include Chicane – Offshore, Agnelli & Nelson – Everyday, WaFF – Jo Johnson, Lee Foss – U Got Me, London Grammar – Hey Now, Sunscreem – Perfect Motion.

Classics! And how about this summer gone, what tracks were getting the best reactions in your sets?

Chunky – Format B, SEFF – Like That, Luca M – The Power, Sante & Sidney Charles – Blade, Sweet Female Attitude – Flowers (Sam Divine & Curtis Gabriel Remix), Tommy Vercetti – I Miss You, Ruben Mandolini – Also

Some great tracks! How different is DJing in Ibiza compared to elsewhere around the world?

Of all the places I’ve played so far, for me nowhere else compares to DJing in Ibiza, especially so this year for me playing at Jet Apartments spinning tunes and looking out at the breathtaking sea view, watching everybodies smiling rave faces on the dancefloor brings an even bigger smile to my face.

Also being surrounded by my favourite DJs and club nights on a daily basis is very inspiring for me.

Absolutely! So you get chance to check out other DJs and events outside of your DJing, which DJs and parties have impressed you?

Yes of course, I like to make the most of the rare few days that I get off and hit the superclubs. Do Not Sleep has been one of my highlights this season, I went religiously every Sunday and never missed a show all season. Darius, Sante, and Sidney Charles would be three of my favourite DJs and the guest DJs they had each week were amazing including two impressive sets that stick out for me were from Ritchie Ahmed and Dennis Ferrer.

Enter at Space is also one of my favourite parties, one of Adam Beyer’s sets stood out for me, he’s amazing.

Another set and event that definitely impressed me and needs a mention was Nicole Moudaber’s set at DC10’s Paradise, also one of my favourite parties on the island . Solomun at Destino absolutely blew me away!!

Some great parties there Kirstin! How do you think Ibiza has evolved over the years?

Since I have been coming to Ibiza I have seen new clubs and beach clubs open, for example Ocean Beach which is now one of San Antonio’s main attractions. It’s nice to have somewhere in San Antonio where you can get dressed up and party. Also Ushuaia in Playa Den Bossa which is always booming, I remember when they were just building it years ago. There is new accommodation popping up all the time for example The Hardrock Hotel, it’s a lush place to stay in Bossa, which also puts on events. It’s nice for people to have the choice to spend their holiday in luxury.

They now have Sankeys in Playa Den Bossa which is one of my favourite superclubs, I remember when they first opened it up back in 2011 and It’s getting better each year. Each year in Ibiza the music changes and for me every year it gets better. Some of the superclubs change their parties around each year, although we can all get used to a certain party in a particular venue. I think a little change from time to time is good and keeps the clubnights interesting. Its also very inspiring to see DJs evolving from the years I have spent on the island.

Absolutely! And what do you feel has been different on the island this summer specifically, compared to previous years?

I think the age group is changing, people are starting to come to Ibiza at a much younger age then previous years (or maybe its just me getting older ha!) and of course like I mentioned before the music just keeps getting better.

Do you have any tips for general holiday makers/clubbers in Ibiza? Places to check out etc?

Visiting the island as a tourist there are certain places and after parties that you may not hear about like Cova Santa after Amnesia, or the quirky parties at Pikes Hotel. If you get the opportunity to go to these places definitely check them out. Also make sure you actually check out the superclubs on the island like Space, Amnesia, Sankeys, DC10 and don’t waste your holiday getting messy in your hotel room, go and experience the big clubs.

Besides the music, drinking and super clubbing Ibiza is such a beautiful island. If you are on holiday I strongly suggest you take a day out to rent a moped or car and go exploring the island and its beaches up north, the sunset at Es Vedra or take the ferry over to Fomentera for the day.

Another little tip, If you plan on going cliff jumping make sure you keep shoes on your feet, the sea urchin’s hurt!!!

Haha thanks for the tip! What plans do you have going into the winter, where can we find you DJing? And will you be back in Ibiza next summer?

For the winter season I have bagged myself a DJ residency in Switzerland from the 18th of December till early April, so I’m quite looking forward to that. Until then I will be commuting between the UK and Ireland with gigs. Some of my upcoming UK dates,

6th November – Cafe Mambo Ibiza – London Closing – McQueen Shoreditch London

20th November – Kitchen Disko Ibiza Reunion – The Gallery – Ministry Of Sound London

28th November – House Of Tequila – Pozition – Hull

13th December – Shuffle – Sin – Weston Super Mare

More to be announced.

Any tickets needed for these events get in touch with me from the links below.

As for Ibiza next summer, I am already counting down the days. I will return back to Ibiza in May for another summer season.







Brilliant, congrats on the Switzerland residency and good luck! Cheers for the interview Kirstin!

Pleasure, thank you!

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