featuredinterview03Name:  Trevor O’Neil

From: Bristol, England

Where do you play in Ibiza and what’s your music style?

I play around the island along with my friends at Lucky Life, so far this summer we’ve played at We Love @ Space and Carl Cox’s night at Space as well as other venues around the island. My style is deep driving tech house on a trip!

When was the first time you came to Ibiza?

Summer 2009

What is it about Ibiza you love? What made you fall in love with the island?

The same reasons as everyone else really – sun, sea, music and the people. I think that’s why there is a magic on the island.

I second that! What’s your favourite part of the island?

Es Vedra sunsets are always cool.

What are some of your favourite Ibiza tunes of all time?

Energy 52 – Cafe Del Mar

John Cutler & E-Man – It’s Yours

David Morales  – Needin’ You

Great tracks! How different is DJing in Ibiza compared to elsewhere around the world?

Everyone is here for the music they love and the DJs they love. You can see people from many different backgrounds and cultures mixing together without judgement which makes for a special atmosphere.

Do you get chance to check out other DJs and events outside of your DJing?

I go to watch my friends play as much as I can. Marco Carola’s Music On is always fun.

How do you think Ibiza has evolved over the years?

In the 6 summers I have been here I have noticed more emphasis on VIP and an influx of beach bars all trying to do the same sort of thing. Now there seems to be less people, but more VIP plus there’s too much going on. I know of lots of restaurants, bars and clubs that have been struggling. I feel the island is out pricing the main bulk of music fans while there is now so many beach bars, boat parties and nights to go to that people just can’t afford to do it all.

Do you have any tips for general holiday makers/clubbers in Ibiza? Places to check out etc?

Head north of the island to chill out and don’t get caught up in the hype!

Cheers Trev! Good luck with your DJing gigs through the rest of the summer!



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