Homies celebrates its 5th year this summer. Whether it be Barcelona, Madrid, Stockholm, Amsterdam, San Francisco and, of course, their sweet & wild home at Pikes Ibiza hosts Christian Len and Camilo Miranda have put on parties with a house party spirit: free, cozy, comfy and crazy. We sat down and spoke to one half of Homies, and Pikes musical curator, Camilo Miranda, for a chat about Homies, Pikes, and all things Ibiza.

Hi Camilo, how are you?

Very well, happy to be here today!

Great! How is the Ibiza season so far for you?

Very busy, full of exciting gigs but I wish i had more time to go to the beach and get a tan haha.

How long have you been living in Ibiza? When was your first visit to the island?

I’ve been living on the island since 98 but used to spend some seasons with my parents here since the beginning of the 90s, I think I was 4 years old the first time I came to the island. My dad was selling bikinis and t-shirts in Sa Trinxa, and we were living in the house behind the salt mountain. Happy memories!

When did you first visit Pikes, and how did you get involved with working there?

Uff, I have a blurry memory of the first nights at Pikes hehe, but it was at the firsts Mercury Rising parties with DJ Harvey. I used to go with my ex, Marina, and my Homies partner, Christian Len. We started to be good friends with the crew, Mika, Lucie, Sarah, Sunny, Dawn, Andy, etc. So one night I met Jordan, the Head of Talent at Ibiza Rocks, on the dancefloor and my ex, who is very enthusiastic and charismatic was convincing him to have me playing there. I ended up giving him a mix and the next week i was playing by the pool at the Doorly residency party, I was really happy. Next season i was one of the residents!

Brilliant! Tell us about your Homies party at Pikes.

Homies is a balearic minded concept, it was born as a monthly event that converts any space into the perfect house party. A cozy celebration where to feel at home and break the rules of the regular club. Because at home you do what you feel like to. Pikes is the perfect place to do this party, the different spaces, the homely feeling and the hedonistic atmosphere. We are very happy to celebrate our 5th anniversary this year, the parties are going better than ever and we are bringing Homies around Europe and the crowd is really enjoying and being very open with our eclectic sets. We also host a radio show on Radio Primavera Sound once a month with the same open, funny and crazy vibe.

Sounds great. Tell us about your music style and DJ sets, who are some of your musical inspirations over the years?

Well it depends on where I play, who is listening, the venue… but my sets are eclectic, fun, energetic when needed and classy. I like to play with a Balearic mind set, taking you on a journey with ups and downs, happy and sad, sweet and sour, like life no? I always liked to play like this, my early influences to these more eclectic sets were Lexx from Switzerland, Motor City drum essemble, Theo Parrish, Jose Padilla and DJ Harvey.

PS: Not to confuse Balearic with downtempo and chill out, it’s not a musical genre, it’s an attitude. Balearic is also for the night!!

You are a music curator at Pikes, what does a usual day for you entail at Pikes?

I plan the playlists in the winter before the season, i was hosting and booking for a Pikes event called Family Matters last year and, apart from setting the atmosphere with the playlist and the sets by the pool or at Freddies, i put Pikes in contact with the promoters, parties and artists that I think would respect and honor the history that the venue has and that will bring the hedonistic sound that it needs.

Pikes is home to some infamous parties over the years, what’s the best or craziest party you’ve had at Pikes?

Homies can be pretty crazy, we have a “band” in the plastic ball Bathtub all night long and they go nuts! Mercury Rising with DJ Harvey is a special party, especially if you end up dressed by Sunny with a red paillette dress and dancing and singing City Lights by William Pitt with everyone in the room hahaha! Saturdays with Artwork can be quite crazy, the night can finish with you and Art climbing trees and darting people ninja style. And the Sundays with the Livesey Brothers are really good, everybody know each other and the roast is delicious!

When you’re not working, how do you like to spend your time on the island?

I wanna go to the beach!!! Aaaah! The rhithm is so hectic that there is not much time stop so when I do have it, I divide myself between beach and studio. I like to go to a hidden calitas and spend the day with friends and then go get some grilled fish at the Fish Shack in Talamanca. The top idea is to put your car on the Formentera ferry and drive to es caló and around the island.

We love the Fish Shack also! You have a striking resemblance to another Ibiza DJ, Seth Troxler, do you get mistaken for him a lot on the island?

It’s happening less and less but it used to be everyday haha. I used to go to DC10 a lot and people would be asking me pictures all the time, when he was playing people would come to me and be like: are you Seth Troxler? And I would respond that how could it be if he was playing just there in front of us !! …. No no no, you are Seth Troxler ‍♂️. It got to the point that people went to him : Hey Camilo how are you mate!!

Hahaha! Brilliant. Where (other than Pikes!) are your favourite places on the island?

My favourite bar to hang out is at Paradise Lost in Sa Penya, I really feel at home there. James, Vanessa and Joao are a lot of fun and the best hosts, and if you go there and like mezcal like me, ask for a Camilito!!

We will do that! Where are your favourite places to DJ or hang out other than Ibiza?

Amsterdam is cool, the scene is eclectic and varied, they have some of the best record shops and i love to go play at red light radio. San Francisco I really like to, it’s a very homely city and the people are very welcoming. Barcelona is one of my favourite cities, I like playing there and I can’t wait to be playing at our the off week afterparty during Sonar, at a place called Freedonia. We just came back from Stockholm and it was just lovely playing at Tädgärden, really open and funny people.

What’s your plans going into the winter?

We have a couple of Homies parties planned, Laut in Barcelona, ADE in Amsterdam, we are thinking about bringing Homies to Berlin and i think i will be going to Bali for the rest of the winter to get that tan hahaha.

Haha enjoy! Thanks for the interview Camilo, see you at Pikes sometime soon!


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