Written by Mark Playle

The first time I met Craig David was on an Easy Jet flight back to the UK from Ibiza when I spotted him and cornered him for a selfie by the baggage carousel at Gatwick. What a thoroughly nice guy. I was lucky enough to go see him perform twice at Ibiza Rocks Hotel during his first season of pool parties in 2016. Later on that year one of the Ibiza family took me to see him at the 02 in London and I can honestly say I never tire of his music and his DJing skills.

I recently arrived back on the island for an unexpected weekender and found myself at Ibiza Rocks Hotel & yep you guessed it, the Craig David TS5 Ibiza Rocks pool party opening weekend.

My friend Lor Glitz (www.glitzaroundtheglobe.com) accompanied me as we walked through the west end of San Antonio towards Ibiza Rocks and the excitement really started to kick in as we arrived to the Ibiza Rocks entrance to see the famous signage.

It was great to see so many Ibiza Rocks family and familiar faces and I have to say I felt very at home. When we found our spot the sun was shining and the pool party was in full swing with people enjoying the afternoon either bobbing about on giant inflatable unicorns or flamingos. There were folk on their hotel room balconies and people on the dance floor in front of the centre stage.

Our mate K1r3by was warming up the crowd, check out the video below!


Craig then came on stage as the afternoon party was in full swing to a rapturous applause as the sun sat warmly in the skies over head and a kind warm breeze filled the atmosphere.

Craig completely captured the hearts, bodies and minds of all who looked on, giving a flawless, vibrant and very energetic performance as indeed he always does.

The event is a regular and popular one throughout the season and I suggest you get yourselves along at some point. A very cool and fun party indeed!


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