Ahead of its release date tomorrow, we’ve been sent and had a listen to a copy of Hior Chronik’s album “Blind Heaven” on K7! label.

Hior has used a wide spectrum of the instruments to create his soundscapes On Blind Heaven: synthesizers, electronics, strings, woodwinds and piano. The album also features a few collaborations such as Japanese vibraphonist Masayoshi Fujita (Erased Tapes), pianist Hania Rani, and sound engineer Francesco Donadello on the synths.

We love the beautiful ambient and cinematic sounds on the album. Created between the autumn and winter months in Berlin, mixed and mastered in Athens by John Valasis (already at the mix for the previous “Out Of The Dust”), Blind Heaven creates a dark and cinematic atmosphere. “The meaning of everything I do is to share with people something that maybe they will need to listen and to make them feel more emotional in their life. This album is another part of me. It’s my personal demonstration and voice against everything that hurts nature and weak people.”

1. Imitation of life
2. Beneath Feat. Amber Ortolano
3.Don’t mess with my heart
4. Blanket feat. Masayoshi Fujita
5. One Eternity At A Time feat. Francesco Donadello
6. The Words Are Gone feat. Hania Rani
7. Build our castles in the air
8. Intimacy of the unknown
9. Elixir

Check out the video for The Words Are Gone here below;

Release Date: 08.11.2019 on K7!
Formats: Digital, CD & 12“ Vinyl

Available here – https://7k.lnk.to/BlindHeaven

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