Written by Emil Falek

Flower Power at Pacha is probably the longest-running party on the island dating back to 1980, when Ricardo Urgell, Pacha’s founder decided to bring back the Island’s original hippy vibe back on the dancefloor. The party is
famous not only for its music policy, which covers the greatest hits from 60’s, 70’s and 80’s but also the sheer level of production involved.

We were therefore excited to attend the brand new show for 2018 at the recently renovated Pacha.

It was well before we arrived at the club on a Monday night, that we realised we’d be later going to a special event. Ibiza’s old town was decorated in huge Flower Power logos, peace signs and flowers big and small, full of
colours and fun. The promo PR team, which included musicians, singers and dancers, were walking down the old town’s streets, signing classic songs and inviting everyone to party.

Outside of the club itself there was a hippy vibe going too, with ‘All You Need Is Love’ LED sign, vintage hand-painted cars, and a real-size replica of The Beatles, decorated with flowers and lovely smelling incenses, a
perfect background to have a photo taken on.

Upon entry we were welcomed by hostesses working at numerous stalls set up at the front of the venue, providing everything you may need to get you in the party mood: flowers, bracelets, accessories, hair wigs and even hippy
make up and beauty services.

Inside the club itself we were amazed at the amount of decor set up for the night: hanging bicycles, peace signs and slogans, funky shoes, huge colourful vinyls and a globe hanging above the DJ booth, with the continents
made out of flowers. But what really makes the Flower Power party stand out from all the other parties on the island are the number of amazing, music-themed performances by professional actors and dancers dressed as the
original artists whose music was played at the time.

When ‘Could You Be Loved’ dropped, there was Bob Marley’s look-alike on stage alongside other Jamaican dancers and a huge marijuana sign. ‘Smooth Criminal’ was accompanied by not one but FOUR Michael Jackson’s look-alikes and their dancing and moves were second to none. You knew you are witnessing professionals who put hours and hours into learning the routines and you could easily mistake them for the original artists. You had The Queen, The Spice Girls, The Rolling Stones and Mick Jagger there too, among many other

Some of the performances didn’t just take place on the stage though, some, such as ‘Imagine’, included John Lennon’s and Yoko’s look-alikes riding on a ‘Love Bed’ in the middle of the dancefloor with John Lennon playing a
guitar. For Steppenwolf’s ‘Born To Be Wild’ there was an actual Harley Davidson driven on the dancefloor, with the engine revving loud and proud to add the vibe to the classic rock song played through the sound system.

Our favourite and the most fun performances were actually quite late into the night, one of them being a ‘Ghostbusters’ theme song. The dancers, dressed in the recognisable ghostbusters uniforms, had handheld CO2 cannons / air guns which they used to shoot ‘ghosts’ that were lurking on the upper levels of the club. But the absolute peak of the fiesta was when the Gypsy King’s take on ‘Volare’ was played. With flamenco-dressed dancers on the stage and a big proportion of Spanish and Italian speaking audience, it didn’t take long for the whole club to start singing: “Volare, oh oh! Cantare, oh oh oh oh!”. The love was definitely in the air.

Flower Power is not about a line-up of super star DJs or state-of-the-art firework displays. It’s about a great performances, great spectacle and above all great fun and should be on a must-do list for anyone visiting the
island, regardless of their musical taste.

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