Callum and Laura headed to ElRow at Space, here’s a poem Callum wrote of their experience!

ElRow popped my Cherry in Space…

By Callum McGee

A Kaleidoscope of colours; Bursting with every creed
That was the one and only Space; On 27th of the 8th – 2000 & Sixteen.
My first time in Ibiza; My first time in a club,
So ElRow popped my cherry, with lots and lots of love.

Excitement, nerves and WTF; Didn’t know what to expect
And oh how I was pleased to find that Space would be the nest.
Where all the carnage did unfold; And certainly it did
From the second people did arrive; inhibitions they were rid.

The dance floor bounced for 6 hours straight, while the DJs did their thing
But there was one in particular, Mr Eats Everything.
His set was cool and smooth and round; What an amazing sound
My right ear is still ringing; The music was so loud.

It pumped and galloped through the club; And I learned how to dance
With smiling people from Japan, Spain, Italy, Germany & France.
Did I mention the dancers, acrobats, actors and light jock too?
Professional party people who deserve their well-earned due.

Never out of character
Ever the welcome hosts
The ElRow team deserve their credit
For entertaining us the most.

Clowns, milkmaids, cowboys, criminals locked up in a cage
Indians, dangling squaws and adverts for “crazy people” displayed
Confetti raining down; through the first class light show down
I honestly did not see one person with one single frown.

How special are you ElRow
You’re a very naughty fellow
You’ve pierced me with your arrow
And now I’m stuck like Velcro.

Such a happy Tempo
Sweet like a green meadow
No trouble but all mellow
The friendliest kind of Ghetto

So I think you’re my kind of Ammo
Oh one and only ElRow
And that is why I bellow
Oh ElRow you had me at Hello!!!

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