Sankeys is really leading the way when it comes to breath and depth of parties on the White Isle in 2016. Far from just house and techno offerings, this year they have all manner of hip hop and more besides. Another great new addition to the weekly schedule is Dance 88/89, which is inspired by the glory days of acid house and rave.

Already this distinguishes the club from the rest of those in action and amazingly, despite the fact Ibiza was all about acid house and balearic sounds back in the day, there are not many places you can actually go and hear it in the modern era. Changing that is this night with its top list of authentic and original DJ pioneers all bringing their own sense of style to proceedings.


Given that plenty of the people at Sankeys are under 30, they don’t know about true aid house, but this night shows them. Soon as we arrive we notice the place is filled with smiley t-shirts and caps, and lots of people are all crammed into The Lab, one of three rooms in Sankeys that are usually all open. the space has big pillars an high ceilings and nods to the Hacienda days of Manchester from where this club first came.

Playing when we arrive is Buschwacka!, one of two weekly residents along with Alfredo. His set is sizzling and remains that way throughout. Big jams, classics, 303 lines and plenty of fun is all dropped on the loving crowd. Tracks like How To House’s “Time To Feel The Rhythm,” Lil’ Louis’ “French Kiss” and The Orb’s “A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain That Rules From The Centre Of The Underworld” all sound great on the club’s killer sound system and it is hard to think it isn’t actually 1988.


MR C is another guest who spends the first part of the night dancing away on the floor with the rest of us. When he steps up he jams together Chicago house with sweet acid and teases plenty of much loved and oft heard classics. Danny Rampling, the original acid man who brought Ibiza back to London, plays a similarly on point set that keeps the kids dancing til dawn. This was a real education and one that is sure to please many all season long.


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