Written by Mark Playle

What I love about San Antonio and the Bay is location, location, location. There are loads of fantastic venues big and small, quirky and unique tucked away in all corners of the area. Some are well known and stand out, others are like mythical creatures and you never know whether they really exist or not. Well certainly Ibiza Rocks Hotel is well and truly on the map and radar and the whole town was buzzing for the Sunday afternoon opening of Craig David’s TS5 pool party.

We knew the event would be busy but that in itself would turn out to be an understatement. We were lucky enough that we had access to pretty much the whole site certainly as far as any punter was concerned and of course as regulars we knew exactly the best spots to hangout depending on the moment and where photos and videos could be best grabbed to share this monumental occasion.

I started in the press balcony and then slid across for a brief glimpse from VIP. My two buddies had appeared and they had worked their way up to near the front down stairs and in fact as it was a lovely sunny Sunday afternoon they had possibly stumbled upon the best spot – up front near the bar and indeed when Craig appeared on stage we were almost in touching distance.

Craig started the show with a warm and heartfelt introduction and moved around enough to capture the crowd’s full attention. His stage presence and body language lifted everybody and for a moment the whole place became at one. The hotel rooms with their balconies over looking the pool and stage and people on the rooftop – the atmosphere was like a Roman amphitheatre!

I don’t think I have ever seen so many people inside the venue and each and everyone seemed to be having the best time. It was a long afternoon and the entertainment preceding Craig had been amazing (the likes of Big Narstie, Majestic, Matt Jam Lamont, Monki, My Nu Leng, Preditah, Toyboy & Robin and Zinc also played), the tunes and tracks pumping out had kept the whole event up in first gear.

The best way to describe the vibe and event would be as a great pool party. So let’s have a big hand to a top entertainer and most certainly one of the best ways to hang out in your swim gear at a proper pool party at Ibiza Rocks.

Check out Crag David’s TS5 pool parties at Ibiza Rocks, every Sunday through till closing party on September 4th.


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