Written by Chantelle Mulvey

Cocoon 24/07/2017

Sven Vath, Solomun, Adam Beyer b2b Ida Engberg

I arrived at the busy Amnesia car park around 2am, and as I entered the club for this week’s Cocoon party, it was rocking. There was a real buzz in the terrace as Sven Vath was half way through his 4 hour set. There was no easing into this night as Sven was playing some of the biggest techno tracks of the summer like Patrice Bämuel – Glutes. The whole crowd was going crazy as he was playing hit after hit.

Solomun joined him on the terrace as Sven was just finishing his set. They applauded each other and he allowed Solomun to take over, when then eased us in with some funky house that had the dance floor bouncing.

I nipped over to the club room to catch Adam Beyer and his wife Ida Engberg play b2b. The club room was packed with an array of lasers and loaded techno.

Back in the main room Solomun was building his set methodically taking us on his Diynamic journey with the crowd anticipating every beat. The night went well into the morning with both rooms still being completely packed at 8am! Towards the end it was a bit hazy as it always is when Solomun plays but one thing I do remember is he dropped his new remix of “Age Of Love” which was the icing on the cake to a great night.

It really was a magical night with one of the best sets I’ve heard this summer from Sven Vath.


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