Written By Mark Playle

We have already reviewed previous Children Of The 80s events and have returned for more instalments which I guess confirms the old TV Show analogy  ” too be continued … ”

This is one of my favourite out door events in Ibiza for so many reasons, not least the fantastic location. Hard Rock Hotel is full of all kinds of quirky and unique pieces of music history and memorabilia beautifully displayed throughout in a very subtle and unique fashion ranging from Elvis’s Pyjamas to Lady Gaga’s evening dress.  

For two years then we have been treated to some of the most amazing performances from some of the most original and memorable music makers from the 80’s and 90’s – the suggestion being you were perhaps a child in the 1980s but of course the music played does include bands and singers performing before and after this period.

Coming and going over the years have been the likes of Soul 2 Soul, Barbara Tucker, Haddaway, Rednex, Limahl, Alice DJ, 2Unlimited and Jenny Berggren from Ace of Base, Sam Fox and especially the Venga Boys actually performing their hit ” oh I’m going to Ibiza “. The evening’s events start off with a gentle trip down memory lane with the DJs playing through the amazing Hard Rock sound system hits and number ones from around the world from the biggest artists.

Each week we are treated to the best of Michael Jackson, Wham, Madness, Queen, Spandau Ballet, Duran Duran, Human League, Abba and Eurythmics then we get track after track of 90’s dance and 80’s and 90’s pop anything from The Spice Girls to Dire Straights and numerous toe tapping and arm waving numbers. 

The stage is set up with the vibe of a giant Rubix Cube meets ELO at Wembley back in the day and the arena and surrounding area is full of fantastic dancers and performers all dressed up in period attire to thrill and interact with the audience.

There are lots of photo and video and selfie opportunities to be had with the various billboards and cut out back drops, props and sets to really join in and return briefly to another time another era. 80’s and 90’s TV Video and Movies are well taken care of with flash backs to Grease Dirty Dancing and even the A Team on the cinematic screen. The songs, videos and stage sets – actors, actresses, DJ’s and performers are full of energy and incredibly up lifting when it all comes together to be what is known as Children of the 80’s.

So long may this event continue and we look forward to many more blasts from the past and one of the most fun nights you can squeeze into a Sunday before school and work come around again. No more staying home for an early night a bath and a hair wash! These summer Sunday evenings have become a regular event for many. Just remember to get dressed accordingly – Lycra leg warmers, white sunglasses and Miami style shirts or ra ra skirts, pink heels and rolled up suit jackets and get across to children of the 80’s – it’s brilliant!


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