Written by Mark Playle

It was Friday night, it was the end of the week and the middle of summer and I was 17 again as I headed to the Radio 2 invasion of Children Of The 80s at Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza. I had my flashy new set of wheels and I’d just picked up my mates.

The excitement grew in the car and we were fully loaded for sure. With the sound of Wham breathing Club Tropicana from the speakers and a whiff of Old Spice in the air, we knew then it was gonna be a good night.

Then bump literally as we landed in Playa den Bossa in what was in fact our holiday hire car. The reality suddenly hit home that we were actually all over 30 (some more than others), but hey children of 80s is an age less concept and probably why it has such a large appeal. The added bonus to this regular event was that for this special weekend BBC Radio 2 was joining in.

We at Uneek discovered the Children of the 80s in its infancy – please have a look at some the many reviews we have done as indeed even without the Radio 2 invasion it is so absolutely amazing. The evening’s special guests were Tony Hadley of Spandau Ballet fame, Carol Decker AKA T’Pau, Bucks the actual Fizz bit and Bonnie Tyler.

Regular hosts the fantastic Dream Team Reload and La Movida Ibiza were joined by Gary Davis, a BBC Radio presenter and true ibiza lover since the very beginning back in 1986.


The evening in its usual unmistakable fashion just exploded into a wild frenzy of dancing and singing along with track after track of absolute classics. The mix of 80s music with children of the 80s music was immense and no one, as usual, was disappointed. When I woke up the following day I had to pinch myself and ask myself did that really happen.

I then remembered with glee that we wasn’t even half way through Radio 2 invasion of not only children of the 80’s but also the White Isle.

I want to say that as just a mere mortal it was impossible to keep up so you just need to know exactly what happened next so you get a grip that Radio 2 will of course be back next year and Children Of The 80s is going nowhere.

Zoe Ball broadcast her Radio 2 show live from the terrace of Pikes Hotel, where Wham! famously filmed the video for Club Tropicana, to celebrate the music that has become synonymous with the White Isle for the past three decades. Maxi Jazz of Faithless joined Zoe for a special performance, plus there was a poolside-mix from Groove Armada and a live acoustic set from Morcheeba. Superstar DJ Pete Tong shared his favourite memories of Ibiza.

Christian and Alan Anadon, of the famous Ibiza venue, Café Mambo, and Ibiza legend of Pikes Hotel himself, Mr. Tony Pike was in the house. I was lucky enough to be present during the evening’s proceedings and can only describe what happened as Uneek in the true sense of the word.

Scissor Sister Ana Matronic played Freddie’s Bar (named after Queen front-man Freddie Mercury) at Pikes Hotel live on air. The airwaves and the air were filled with amazing music and Pikes Hotel was awash with stars from near and far. Look out for regular Children of the 80’s events & of Radio 2 I am certain will be back in abundance in 2019.

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