Written by Jack Walton and Colette Louise Noble, main photo by Ants

Five years in to the Ants dynasty and the colony is still expanding. Indeed, Saturday’s at Ushuaïa is now the first name on most people’s team sheet when planning their time on the white Isle.

Tonight (16 Sept) was just the latest in an unforgettable series of events that just seem to get better year by year.

DJ Sneak had the crowd well and truly warmed up at the back of the outdoor venue and had everyone pumped for what was to come after finishing with Underworld’s classic, Born Slippy.

Liverpool’s finest and Circus talisman, Yousef had the honour of getting the ball rolling on the main stage and he grasped it with both hands. A set who’s energy just about matched his own.

It was then Joris Voorn’s turn to bring the baton home and the Dutchman had the masses entranced with a funky, driving set of which highlights included the 1999 Levi’s ad hit from Flat Eric, Mr Oiseau – which left certain sections of the crowd frantically head-bobbing like the video’s fluffy character!

In typical Ants style, the last fifteen minutes was a happy-fest free for all which included Hot Natured’s hit Reverse Skydiving. None of us can wait for what the colony has to bring next summer.

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