Written by Mark Playle

We’ve been present at ADE several times these last few years in different guises and this year was by default the best so far.

Andrew and I both headed to our respective offices, him up North and myself down South on a perfect sunny morning of October the 17th. We both had our ruck sacks on our backs, passport and boarding passes in our pockets, a spring in our steps and whistle on our lips.

The flights booked from the North & South of England were both aimed and ready to fire at Schiphol. So that’s a hop, Schiphol and jump then.

We had stuck a pin the Amsterdam map and came up with the Museum hotel which per chance was across the road from where ADE registration was and where our press passes were waiting.



ADE’s 5 day event is now the largest electronic dance music event in the world with live performances, events, talks, movies, meetings, fun and frolics, serious business and the many many amazing opportunities it offers spread near far and wide across Amsterdam’s amazing locations and venues.

The following day we were up with the larks and we meandered along the streets and tram tracks as many beautiful people on bicycles, bells chiming whizzed past on their way to wherever it was they were going.


Not far from the registration building we stopped off at Pancake Corner for our favourite traditional Amsterdam breakfast of four fried eggs on toast with ham & cheese and a slither of cucumber and tomato.

The city was awash with amazing little parties and networking moments check out the ADE website (www.amsterdam-dance-event.nl) for all the details of what went on.

We strolled 20 miles across Amsterdam for ADE whilst we were in town. We rocked up to see Nick Warren play back to back with Hernan Catteneo at their event The Soundgarden at Thuishaven. Located on the Western outskirts of Amsterdam, the site is surrounded by heavy industry, massive oil tankers and scrap metal yards. Thuishaven has several stages, bars, surreal decoration pieces and curiosities. Incorporating materials purchased or found at neighboring scrap yards, the site radiates a raw and industrial atmosphere. During the winter set-up (October – April), all stages are housed indoor, in heated tents and a newly crafted hangar. This was the set up for ADE – circus style tents in a festival set up. Certainly one of the most unique venues we’ve been and it fitted the beautiful and melodic sounds of Nick and Hernan perfectly.



Throughout the hundreds of events on offer there were many quirky venues and I suggest when planning your next or indeed first ADE experience you must get planning in plenty of time for flights and accommodation and work out what parties and events you want to get to.

On Friday afternoon we got ourselves along to a great talk by the artists Orbital.

ADE quoted “This surge of creativity shows how reunited brothers Paul and Phil Hartnoll have rebuilt one of electronic music’s best-loved partnerships after Orbital’s surprisingly bitter break-up in 2012. They’d been onstage with Stephen Hawking at the Paralympics, in front of the whole world. They’d remixed Madonna. They’d played Glastonbury many times and travelled the world – yet were driven apart by music’s strange and infamous brother-vs-brother dynamic. But now the brothers have a pact: whatever happens, Orbital does not stop. They’ve learned to talk and accept each other. As Paul says, “If we were both the same, then it wouldn’t be Orbital.”

As an old skool raver myself and indeed having lived near the M25 motorway from which the Orbital boys took their name it seemed a fitting Friday night outing.

So to recap ADE just gets bigger better and more exciting and we cannot wait for ADE 2019, we had a brilliant time!


From www.amsterdam-dance-event.nl

The 23rd edition of the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) has come to an end in the early hours of Monday morning. For the first time ADE welcomed over 400,000 visitors from more than 100 countries for an extensive day and night program featuring over 1000 events and leading artists and speakers from around the world. From 17 to 21 October there were more than 450 night and 600 daytime events spread over 200 locations, with over 2500 performing artists and around 600 speakers participating in keynotes, workshops and master classes on a variety of topics. The conference and festival program by day saw an increase in numbers attending with daytime activities exceeding more than 600.

The Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) has grown into a five-day poly-cultural event hosting more than 2500 music artists across all participating clubs and concert halls. Undoubtedly the biggest electronic music conference in the world, ADE hosted a myriad of events from countless panels discussions at the main conference through to pop-up performances, audiovisual installations, film screenings, tech schools and charity events. Some of the diverse and exciting speakers involved in this year’s conference program included; Albert van Abbe, Bonobo, Bruce Carbone, David Guetta, Headhunterz, Imogen Heap, Jayda G, Jean Michel Jarre, Jillionaire, Kerry Trainor, Lena Willikens, Nile Rodgers, Orbital, Paula Temple, Ralph Echemendia a.k.a. The Ethical Hacker, Yann Pissenem, Xosar, Zoe Margolis, and more.

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