Written by Mark Playle

Our journey started early (or was it late?…) – Becci & I decided to travel together to the Lost & Found Festival.

The date had been marked with flags in the ground for quite some time & I was very excited as I drove from London to Manchester the evening of the 12th of April to pick Becci up en route.

Uneek roped Becci Brown in as one of Annie Mac;s biggest fans, and a previous Lost & Found cohort I felt I was in the best company to fully understand Lost & Found concept. The event ran 13th to the 16th of April and is spread across several locations and as a Lost & Found virgin I needed my travel guide. We’d hired a small car and booked ourselves some accommodation. Malta is not very large (approximately 17 miles long by 9 miles wide and a touch smaller than Ibiza).

We landed in Malta and headed across the island to Cafe Del Mar, the main meeting point and where various Lost And Found events take place, including the pool parties and the shuttle bus leaving points.

The line up for Lost and Found is amazing and the vibe is chilled. We bumped into Charlie Sloth at Manchester airport and again at the opening night down at Cafe Del Mar where our first attended event was being held. The mood was relaxed the organisation of the evening was very much flowing. We checked out the area in front of the main stage and everyone was dancing and smiling to the pumping tunes and getting into the relaxed and chilled vibe.

We found ourselves back stage as Jackmaster & Armand van Helden were about the play back to back.

We caught the end of Artworks set and the boys played Arthur’s classic number Let Go Of My Acid. He’s a character and was using the portable smoke machine squirting the guys and the audience as they dropped the beat to his tune.


When we left the event that evening the place was buzzing. We had so much choice of artists to go and see and Becci was left in charge to steer us as what was the next best line of attack. One of the main parties was the Castle Party which we had signed up for. Annie Mac kept busy and was diving between the pool
Party down at Cafe Del Mar. We were in two minds about taking the shuttle bus from Cafe Del Mar & so caught the end of a couple of pool party sets, at which point Annie herself arrived.

We decided to drive to the castle and followed the shuttle bus to the secret location which was very picturesque, and as it said on the tin “a beautiful secret castle up a mountain looking out to sea”. The crowds on the bus were in high spirits as bottoms and arms popped out of the windows, but all in good fun.

The relaxed and friendly welcome was passed on again to us back stage as we chatted and listened to Eats Everything play his set and the festival goers were like an army at worship to their generals, waving flags and singing along to the beats. The sun shone bright and the breeze blew around the castle as the air was filled with much love and happiness.


Next up was Annie Mac herself and she glided into her set with a warm welcome of applause. The vibe on stage was what seemed to be a classic signature repeat chilled, laid back and Annie generated her sounds to the crowd. Finally Kolsch appeared in his signature black hat and yet more sounds were vibrating around the castle encampment.


When the finale came to a climax the whole hillside, castle and its army of followers gave a fantastic flurry of happiness, harmony and applause. One last time Becci Brown with her lanyard in her hand picked out our final location and we headed off to see Annie Mac’s closing party.

We were not to be disappointed, the tunes around the different stages started to shut down until the main stage was surrounded and Annie was holding court. The finale was perfect as the last notes of the last tunes fell silent and everyone gave thanks. Everyone then slowly drifted away into the night, Annie having closed another amazing Lost And Found.

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