Ibiza’s clubs are the main reason the majority of us travel to Ibiza year upon year. The super clubs are open every night from the opening parties in May through to the closing parties in September or October. Ibiza’s clubs featured heavily in the recent DJ Mag Top 100 clubs in the world poll, as quite frankly they are the best clubs on the planet and which venues around the rest of the world aspire to be like.

Firstly, there is the biggest club in the world Privilege, which is situated half way between Ibiza Town and San Antonio on the main road, near San Rafael. Privilege is massive – holding 10,000 people it is officially the biggest club in the world. The venue is stunning, set in a huge dome with various gardens, and back rooms. The setting for the main room is a grand DJ stage, with Privilege’s world famous cinema screen behind the DJ booth blurring out colourful visuals alongside the DJ sets.

Across the road is Amnesia, which hosts some of the biggest and most longstanding events on the island. In the main room the DJs control the music action from the booth way up high to the masses below, complete with large stacks of loud, powerful speakers and massive ice cannons which regularly blows out cold air to keep the clubbers cool throughout the night. The Terrace, in itself the size of a main room, offers a differing style of music next door.

Over in Ibiza town we have one of the most gorgeous clubs in the world – Pacha. It was the first club built on the island in 1973, and is now a massive worldwide clubbing brand with venues in some of the best capital cities. Pacha Ibiza has a fantastic layout and decor, whilst the roof terrace offers beautiful views of the sun coming up over Ibiza Town.

Across in Playa Den Bossa are Sankeys, Ushuaia and Hi Ibiza (formally Space). Firstly, Sankeys is an impressive four room venue brought to us from its Manchester counterparts. Next there is Hi Ibiza, which has taken over from Space Ibiza, with some interesting new nights.


Across the road from hi Ibiza is Ushuaia, which is a multi-million pound hotel and club venue. Think of beautiful surroundings of palm trees, people dancing anywhere and everywhere, lasers and ice cannons. It is an open air modern day clubbing heaven – 21st century clubbing at its very best. Planes regularly fly over both Space and Ushuaia, to the cheers and delight of the crowds below.

Another club where planes come swooping past on a regular basis due to its location near the airport on the road to Las Salinas is DC10. Expect quality deep tech house from well-known residents and international guests, with its biggest event by far being the Monday event Circo Loco. Rumour has that DC10 got its name from an airplane that crashed into the hanger years back that is now host to the club.

Finally, in San Antonio there are Eden and Es Paradis. Eden has a great sound system, awesome lighting and various new nights for 2015. Es Paradis, opposite, hosts their famous Fiesta Del Agua water parties. Shaped as a massive pyramid, Es Paradis is one of San Antonio’s most easily spotted sights.